Aerospace Tooling

Specialising in multi-point gauging STT have been producing specialist gauging fixtures & workholding equipment for the UK’s leading blade manufacturers for over a decade. Including electronic gauging & dedicated software solutions.

Multi-Point aerofoil inspection gauge

Multi-Point gauges are the fastest & most reliable way to inspect blades.

Accurate, repeatable, robust & above all fast.

Inspect blade sections, chord, root, tip, twist & bow all in one go.

Results displayed on the pc screen in seconds.

Easy to use, identical results across different operators.

Multi-Point aerofoil inspection gauge

Gauging Centre for larger blades.

This system has interchangeable tooling sets for a range of blades.

Has 70 transducers connected to the computer which are mounted to the base unit.

Tooling sets, dedicated to a particular blade, are loaded to the base unit & the relevant program loaded to the computer.

The system is set to a master & is then ready to go.

Changeover time approximately 20 minutes - cycle time approximately 6 seconds.

Different sizes can be supplied, with or without the aluminium frame.

EDM Holding Fixture

Holding fixtures play a key part in blade machining.

This fixture accurately positions & holds 4 blades for EDM machining

Acceptance Fixture

Gauge do not have to be electronic - this gauging fixture accurately checks the alignment of bores for future assembly.

Blade Chord & Annulus Gauge

56 point manually loaded & clamped - pneumatically activated slides.

5 chord section checks & 50 points on the tip & root.

Multi-point speed & accuracy in the workshop.

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