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Spares & Consumables - Change Parts

We support our customers with a spares & consumable service which enables them to maintain a back-up stock without bursting their monthly budget.

We agree a spares/consumable list with our customers & manufacture a quantity higher than that initially required.

We then keep the excess stock for our customer & supply it when required.

This provides them with the security of knowing they will have minimum downtime in the event of a breakdown without having to carry & manage excess stock.

Emergency Repairs

It can be an expensive & frustrating time when a process line or a key piece of equipment breaks down.

You need someone you can rely on to respond quickly & effectively to get you up & running again.

STT have a reputation for doing just that.

We have innovation, the expertise, & above all, the commitment to give maximum support to our customers when they need it most.

Not only that, we can re-design troublesome parts to prevent the problem arising in the future.

Redesign of Problem Areas

STT have a reputation for providing innovative solutions for problem areas in existing machines.

We investigate the existing method, analise the faults and re-design the problem area to eliminate these faults & improve the reliability of the process.

This expertise can be applied to any process line.

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