Gauging & Measurement

Aerosol Crimp Depth & Diameter Gauge

Reduce aerosol production line quality costs with the new Award Winning STT Crimp Depth & Diameter Gauge.

Accurately monitoring crimp quality on process lines can be a big headache. The new STT Gauge will give you confidence that your quality control is effectively cutting reject costs.

Spindle Check Gauge

Simple gauging system using GageCheck unit for data analysis & data logging.

Inspection of diameter, roundness & run-out all done simultaneously.

Fan Blade Gauging for use in the aerospace industry

Free standing manually indexed gauge rotates through a total of 70º of twist as it moves to each gauging position.

Rollers track, guide and position the blade with the aid of precision slides and trunnion bearings, maintaining correct orientation of blade to gauging head.

Semi-Auto Multi-Point Gauging Turbine Blade Inspection

Electronic sensing ensures the component is located correctly, before pneumatically operated precision slides accurately position gauge heads and activate probe levers.

Readings are taken via transducers and compared to sizes obtained from a setting master, the results can be analysed/displayed by either PC or electronic columns.

Acceptance Gauges

High accuracy gauge to verify fixing positions of a medical implant

Manual Checking of Bearing Races for use in various industries

Two types of gauge with changeable parts will check a range of diameters, of both inner and outer bearing raceways; the third gauge checks the diametrical clearance (DC) between the inner and outer raceway assemblies.

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