Special Purpose Machines

Hole Coding Machine

Any permutation of nine holes can be punched in an aluminium pressing for part identification.

The hole patterns are pre-programmed in a PLC They are then selected by inputting the part number on a key pad.

The machine also incorporates a stamping operation which marks each component with a serial number.

Semi-Automatic Drilling Machine

A pneumatically powered, plc controlled machine for drilling 3 holes in quick change pneumatic connectors.

The machine is manually adjustable for component variants.

Manually loaded & auto starts when guards is down.

Assembly & Test Machine for Car Bumper Parts

This pneumatically controlled machine locates & clamps plastic mouldings & then inserts fixing clips.

The clips are then checked, using laser sensors to ensure they have been fitted correctly

Manual Aerosol Capping Machine

This pneumatically controlled machine fits plastic caps onto aerosol cans.

A wide variety of caps can be assembled to cans by using interchangeable tooling dedicated to each can size & cap style.

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