Vision Systems

A Vision System from STT is designed around your  company requirements , around your products  & around your method of manufacture.

An ‘off the shelf’ system is one that is designed to suit a wide range of customers & as such fails to give each customer exactly what they need.

A bespoke system from STT gives you exactly what is needed, no more - no less.

All our systems are ‘future proof’ so you can add features or expand the capabilities at a later date in response to the changing needs of your company.

In-line Inspection of Metal Strip.

The camera tracks a strip of metal as it passes at high speed & shows real time data.

As well as the raw data, which is also stored & analysed, a large highly visible alarm indicator is also shown on the screen to draw the operators attention to any fault

Final Inspection & Test of Fuel Filter

Multi-Function inspection of fuel filters.

Dimensional, electrical continuity test as well as camera inspection.

2 Cameras are checking for flash obstructing cable connection holes.

This Poke-Yoke system checks the part integrity prior to assembly.

Dimensional Check Of Pressed Part

A simple system to check small pressings.

The part can be put anywhere in the centre of the housing in any orientation.

The software will recognise the part & apply the checks.

Results are displayed on the screen & also logged.

A quick & easy way to verify 'first offs' & prototype parts as well as in-process monitoring.

Inspect & Count

The camera identifies the components by measuring the overall length & highlights any that do not conform.

The acceptable parts are shown in green & the non-conforming parts in red.

The quantities of each are displayed.

An ideal tool for goods inwards inspection or part kitting.

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A Vision System from STT is designed around your company requirements...


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